Friday, January 25, 2013

Day trip: Fredericksberg

We took a drive to Fredericksberg this weekend for a little change of pace. January has been all about getting back to the grind, which means our post-work routine has been come home, watch Freaks & Geeks (my choice) or hockey (his choice), eat something and crash. Most weekends have been spent indoors because it's been cold. And by cold I mean below 55 degrees. We're wimps, I know.

I drove, which was a slight mistake. Driving to Texas wine country in Robbie's truck would've felt more authentic, more Texan- am I stereotyping too much? Sorry, true Texans. I really would've enjoyed it that much more if we'd have taken his truck. The drive out there was beautiful anyhow. 

The only time I've been to Fredericksberg was on my big move to Austin. It was right after Christmas so there were white lights strung across the streets. Becca and I drove through at night, so it was pretty magical. I can't say the same I got quite the same magical effect on a January Sunday afternoon, but we both were just thankful to get out of our tiny apartment.

Robbie and I stuffed our faces with German sausages at the Auslander and then shopped around.

 I found a fantastic fabric shop and Robbie found a garage-full of tin signs that we spent forever checking out. We noticed that people were walking around with wine on the streets and didn't catch this sign until we were headed on our way out. Bummer:

We grabbed some ice cream then headed back to Austin.

We drove past a wildflower farm that wasn't in full bloom yet, but I'd love to go back and see it when the bluebonnets and poppies decide it's time to show their colors. Fredericksberg, we'll be back you sleepy old town!

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