Monday, January 21, 2013

ATX: Year two

Robbie and I made it a whole year in Texas.

Here's a list of what we did in twelve short months:

- I took a roadtrip to get to Texas with my best friend. Day 1. Day 2. Day 3.
- Experienced our first SXSW (check out this "decentralized dance party").
- Found some ATX blog friends who taught me a thing or two about blogging.
- Met some cool ladies.Then got to WORK at an awesome startup with these ladies.
- Felt a baby kick in a mom's tummy for the first time.
- Took a trip to Louisiana to visit my mom's side of the family.
- Saw the Alamo. - Partied on a boat with a bunch of strangers (now friends) from Arizona.
- Played cross-country croquet in Michigan. 
- Spotted a celebrity.
- Convinced some Californians to move to Austin.
- Dressed up like Princess Leia and Han Solo. And here's another Star Wars reference, just for kicks and because it makes me laugh. Scroll down til you see the dog and you'll understand...
- Drank some wine. A LOT of wine.
- I got an amazing new job at a PR firm.
- Bought new cars- BOTH of us. How spoiled are we?

Here is a list of what we did NOT do:
- Get a puppy. Despite all the pennies saved in the puppy fund.

2012 was a BIG year for the two of us. It was full of many, many changes. I'm happy to say that most all of the changes that happened were good, though they weren't all easy. Picking up and moving 1,300 miles away from our families is something we both still get sad about. But then we drive across town lake on MoPac at night and see downtown Austin lit up and we know that this is where we're meant to be. At least for now.

Maybe 2013 will be the year of the pup (I imagine Robbie will roll his eyes as soon as he reads this).
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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