Monday, April 15, 2013

Grumpy turtle

Check out what we found this weekend? A tiny turtle! He was so far away from the lake that we're pretty sure he had a death wish.

I wanted to keep the little guy, but Robbie wasn't into that idea. When I was younger, my sister Page had a turtle and named it Crystal Ball. Looking back now on that name, that's a really strange name. Page, can you explain that for us??

"He's so cute an all alone!" Name that movie.

We took him back to Barton Springs. He was not digging it. Look at that angry turtle face.

We took a ride downtown and may or may not have had to return a Frank Sinatra CD back to the library that I've had since January...

This was the first summery weekend, at least in my opinion, of the year. It was humid and warm and there were lots of people hanging out on the lake. All of that equates to summertime in my mind.

After a little ride downtown, we rewarded ourselves with two delicious burgers from Wholly Cow. This place sure didn't look like much, but the burgers were awesome.

And here are three wonderful turtle references for your viewing pleasure:

Nick Miller's turtle face
I like turtles.
Turtle turtle


  1. Crystal Ball was a great turtle. I was inspired by my sweet mood ring I got while on that vacation.

    1. And the raven pixie dust tubes we used to buy? What were those things called?? :)

  2. AND Pumbaa said that in Lion King.