Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly traditions

Do you have little rituals that are precious to you? As a creature of habit, I take comfort in little routines that turn small tasks into symbols. Aveeno moisturizer smells like bedtime to me. Taylor Swift's music without question always brings me back to my early college days in the dorms. Buying cinnamon pine cones means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are here.

And Tuesdays are my Michelle days. We have a standing lunch date every Tuesday where we meet for almost an hour to chat about life, writing, our blogs, the future, Austin... anything that comes to mind. It's a nice little break from work that I look forward to every week. We pick a new place to meet for lunch or sometimes just coffee, but we stick to our little tradition week in and week out. A few weeks ago we tried Sandra Bullock's restaurant, Walton's. I'm totally hooked. The french onion soup is to die for.

Do you have any small, special traditions that you treasure?


  1. Love this! As you know I'm a creature of habit too and I love the little things in life: like having a bite of something sweet after dinner, a cup of coffee or tea every morning, watching my favorite tv shows/movies over and over, etc. :)

    Walton's sounds so good! I love a good soup and sandwich place!

  2. I went to Walton's a few weeks ago and fell in love with that place! It's such a charming deli/floral shop/eatery! I love that you have your traditions. The only one I have going for me right now, is my gym schedule.

  3. I love our tradition too! There's something comforting knowing I get to have a great conversation with a great friend. xo!