Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! As many of you know, Robbie and I are Star Wars nuts. One of our first dates was hanging out watching Star Wars together to see who knew more movie lines.


So of course it's been my dream for the past three years to be Princess Leia and Han Solo with Robbie for Halloween. We decided we'd go for it this year.

Growing up, my mom always sewed me and my sisters' costumes. We always looked (and felt) like the real thing while everyone else at our school had the store-bought costumes. My sisters and I got the craft gene passed down to us and all three of us girls have always been more inclined to make our costumes rather than buy them. This year it was ESPECIALLY crucial to make stellar Princess Leia and Han Solo costumes because, well, we're supernerds.

So to make our homemade Princess Leia and Han Solo costumes, we went to the GoodWill to dig up some awesome finds.

Han Solo costume: the only black vest left at GoodWill, a woman's tan button-up, awesome blue pinstripe pants with added red ribbon to the sides, a handmade gun holster out of black vinyl and a black spray painted nerf gun.

Princess Leia costume: gorgeous white dress found at the GoodWill, added long, chiffon sleeves, aluminum foil belt and sock buns!

We had a fabulous time on Saturday night hanging out with the Harts at their Halloween Hootenanny (they put on the best parties) and our little group of friends afterwards at Phil's house.
Top left to right: Blog friends at Ruthie's party! (Mallorie, Shanna, me & Ruthie), Phil & Lauren as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, pumpkin carving on Sunday and PRINCESS LEIA COSTUME!

What are your plans for Halloween?

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