Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kendra Scott- EVERYWHERE!

When Kat was in town a couple weeks ago, one place that was a "must" on her to-do list was visit Kendra Scott, a boutique jewelry store on South Congress.

The Kendra Scott name has been popping up a lot lately. A couple months ago, after Kat sent me a text message about her love for Kendra Scott, I got a Facebook invite to the Kendra Scott Fall Launch Party. Shortly after that, the Kendra Scott name emerged once again when I learned that a friend of a friend, the lovely and talented Cristina Facundo, styled the popular Kendra Scott ad that's plastered everywhere around town.

Kendra Scott certainly is alive and well in the city of Austin.

Kat and I found ourselves in seventh heaven when we walked into the Kendra Scott boutique. Kendra Scott jewelry has a signature look. The pieces are vibrant and big, but elegant all at the same time.

The boutique itself is so interactive. Signs everywhere encouraged us to try on jewelry, open cabinets, flip through an iPad... Kendra Scott knows her audience!

Kat ended up with this beautiful bracelet:

We loved the "Color Bar" where you could create your own, unique piece of jewelry. You chose the type of jewelry, the shape and the stone color. Doesn't that sound like a fun bachelorette party activity??

Even her dang business cards were adorable.

Kendra Scott, girl- you've got it goin' on.

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