Thursday, September 13, 2012

Becoming a comedy enthusiast

I recently told Robbie that I've decided to be a "comedy enthusiast."

I tell him things like that sometimes. 

I love Saturday Night Live (please look at this tumblr and try not to laugh). I listen to comedy on the radio on the way home from work. I love watching comedians on Netflicks (especially Kevin Hart). I just love laughing.

When Kat came to town, we decided to catch the tail-end of the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival that was in town.

Now, I have to admit: Robbie and I are not coffee house type people. We're Starbucks people. Not that we have anything against cool, indie coffee houses. We just aren't cool enough to embrace the indie-ness of a true coffee house. Which means we're regular, old, conforming, consumer-America Starbucks lovers.

So when we arrived at The Hideout and found out that the improv comedy show we were seeing was at a coffee house, our palms got a little sweaty. We are so not cool enough for this, we all thought when we walked into the coffee house. 

We got even more nervous and felt even more uncool when we entered the theater area of the coffee house, which seated about 20 people. Robbie swore that if they asked for any audience participation, he was outta there. It didn't help that all the "comedy enthusiasts" (is that even a thing?) who had attended the festival all week started showing up and laughing about all the shows they had been to.

We were so out of the loop.

The show got rolling with a three-person Austin-based group (drawing a blank on the name!). About two minutes into the show, we forgot how out-of-place we felt and were laughing our heads off. By the time the next crew came on, we had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

We saw a San Francisco-based trio, Three For All, that completely blew us away. Please, please, please- if you're in the SF area, you MUST go see these three, no matter the cost. They put on a great show.

 (Three For All; p.s. this photo is for you, Kat. Cancun Hero song!)

We all walked out of the show smiling, happy that we tried something new.

As for me becoming a "comedy enthusiast?" I'm working on finding a new cool coffee shop that hosts improv comedy as my next weekend adventure.


  1. OMG I love comedies! Have you been to Esther Follies? It is on dirty 6th. I am going for my birthday at the end of September. You've gottttta go! :)

    1. I DO! I've seen Esther's Follie's a ton when I go downtown. I need to check it out for sure! <3 P.S. Happy birthday!