Friday, July 20, 2012

Name of the game

If there's one way to describe the Schiller family, it's GOLF. We are golfers through and through. Some are pro (ahem, my dad!) and others are less-pro (the rest of us...).

So it only made sense that 50 of us took over Roseland Golf Club Saturday morning.

I was without a golf shirt, so as soon as we got to the course I headed to the pro shop to pick up a polo. The pro shop guy told Robbie and me that we couldn't golf because the course was full today. We told him we were with the Schiller group and he warmed right up. Turns out, he knew the Schiller family pretty well! He grew up a couple houses down from my dad and knew my dad and his brothers.

This happens a lot. The Schillers are a big family. If you know a Schiller, they're probably from the motherland: Canada.

I was paired up with my Aunt Irene, one of my sisters- Page, and a distant cousin, Mike, for the tournament.

Here's Aunt Irene, kicking butt and carrying our team.

Page and me goofing around.

As you can see, our team was very fond of pink...

making our team name: TEAM PINK. Even Mike had pink sunglasses on all day (he borrowed them from Aunt Irene).

My sisters and me. Lauren (sister in the middle) rode with David her boyfriend, Ryan (Page's husband) and Robbie all day long. What a trooper. It was hot out!

Roberto and me!

After playing nine holes, golf is a little... boring. Page and I got a couple of drinks for the back nine.

Remember this guy from the U.S. Open? Ryan cawcawed all day long, wearing a look-alike hat that our second cousin Mary made for him!

Two lovebirds- Lauren and David!

Team Pink didn't get first place. Or even third place. BUT we did have a lot of fun. :)