Thursday, February 9, 2012

Color me muddy.

A month ago, Blanca came up with the idea to do The Color Run. It looked like SO much fun. On their website, everyone's covered in paint, laughing and having the greatest time, despite running a 5K.

The night before the race, it rained.

And let me tell you, that put a little damper on things.

Here's out lovely little group of ladies, excited to run
There were thousands of people at the event, so we parked about two miles away. We got a 5K warmup before our 5K.

The boys, looking a little sleepy but ready to run.

After looking at Phil's hideous face, please note the puddle behind us. Yeah... that was a small puddle. The aftermath of the rain was brutal for The Color Run.

Just wait...

Our "before" picture. We look so clean!

Phillip and Blanca. <3

Because there were so many runners, they let us start in waves of hundreds at a time. And even though those clouds look like rain clouds, they held off throughout the entire race. It was chilly!

Phil making a sad face about the mud. Once we got going, we were practically knee-deep in mud. Maybe not knee-deep, but certainly ankle-deep at some points!

Just the beginning of the mud pit that lasted throughout the entire course.

The run was not by any means a disaster. If anything, everyone got a good laugh- and an excellent workout- from the mud. Blanca and Phil cracking up. I love this one. I also like how that redheaded girl is kind of smiling for the camera. Good job, girl!

This was the hill from hell. It may not look too bad, but it was freaking tough. Hills are hard enough to run up. Add 6-10 inches of mud and you're a walking fool. I couldn't decide which was harder- running or walking. If you walked, your feet got suction-cupped to the mud. Some people even lost their shoes! If you ran, you were worn out in about 10 seconds.

Post-race rinse. Robbie stepping into the lake to get the caked mud off his shoes. Shortly after, Lauren, Leticia and I followed suit.

And enter the party scene.

At the finish line, there were hundreds of people throwing color dust everywhere (check out the video at the bottom!). After 30 minutes of pure pain, this was a great way to brighten up. Literally.

Covered in color.

A little too close on Robbie's picture...

And Lety's...

Lety got it right with me.

Miss Lauren.

Rufy. She was a crackup. She was a dancey one once we got to the post-race party.

Rufy's boyfriend, Chris.

In the craziness of the race, Robbie and I lost Phil and Blanca. Here's Robbie keeping an eye out for them. Sadly, we didn't find them until muuuch later...

More color! There was a teal color that was my favorite. You can see it on Rufy's shoulder.

See those guys standing on top of the trailer in the distance? They were throwing off pounds and pounds of the color dust. I thought it'd be a good idea to get super close...

Then a purple color grenade hit me. It was a fist-sized clump of purple color dust.

Not attractive.

We got snacks after the run, then hopped on a bus to take us to the car.

At this point, Phil and Blanca were still yet to be found. They could've been still on the course, stuck in the mud for all we knew.

Except they weren't. They were waiting for us at the car all along. =)

Here's a much more extensive look at what The Color Run was like. Check it out:

Song: Hello, by Martin Solveig and Dragonette. Awesome song.

*Apologies for the shakey camera. Still working on my video skills. =)

Sign up for The Color Run. They're going to a bazillion cities this year. It's totally worth it and tons of fun.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I really want to go there for the color run. Because It's really SO cool and so fun time for million peoples walking and running. I should join with you. :( In someday, David and I should visiting you in Austin. :)

    1. You should do the color run with David! It's coming to Irvine in California. It's lots of fun!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun Nikol! I'm thinking of signing up for this 5K obstacle course with tires, fire hoses, rock walks, slip-n-slides, etc. It would be fun for shits & giggles : )

  3. What a GREAT video! You for sure convinced me to do it; I'm doing the one here in SF- looks like so much fun!