Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome home

Last week when Becca helped me move into my apartment, we took quite a few shopping trips and spent way too much money. Keep in mind I only brought a carload of stuff, so I had to buy quite a bit.

The result?

We should have our own HGTV show because we did GREAT!

Here's my living room. I'm in love with the yellow and orange flower painting hanging by my door.

My living room is still pretty empty, but it feels comfortable. Robbie got me the roses on New Years Eve! So sweet.

Since I'm still working for OctoClean in Riverside, I get to work from home! Today was my first day and it was great. I got a lot done and got to wear no shoes all day.

Robbie got me that French Bulldog calendar for Christmas. I've been dog-crazy lately.

Becca and her boyfriend Dan got me a really sweet house-warming gift: spoon and fork chalkboards from Pier One. So cute!

My pretty roses again.

My TINY kitchen.

My TINY bathroom.

Lots of strategic storage in this little apartment!

My HUGE bedroom with nothing in it!

My bed ended up being a bigger investment than I had originally planned, so that means I'll be buying a dresser after my next paycheck.

Which means, I'm still living out of a suitcase...

If you're ever in town, stop on in!


  1. Omg- its so cute! I love it! Love all of the decorations and that desk is great!

  2. looks great! you did a good job, boo. glad i could help a little.

  3. nice! your kitchen and bathroom are 2x bigger than ours.

  4. it's great because i see so much of Rob's influence throughout the apartment. you can tell he picked out the...well there's that, uh...hey, nice roses! haha, i wanna visiiiittt

  5. Awwww...you are right, you SHOULD be on HGTV!! I like the big spoon and fork!

  6. Page- I was channeling YOU when decorating!

    Becca- My apartment would still be in shambles without you. You were a HUGE help!!!

    Ryan- I love your cozy home. Our bathroom may be a tie... =)

    HAUGEN! Robbie clearly decorated for me. What a fashionista!

    Queen- Aren't they cute?! I'm lucky to have such nice friends.

  7. Dang that's one big couch how'd you get in that small door?