Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A whole lotta nothing

New Mexico: COMPLETE. Almost. Thank goodness.

Becca and I drove through a lot of New Mexico today and we're looking forward to a change of landscape. We saw a lot of flat land, some mountains, a couple deer-looking animals that were half-deer/half-reindeer, roadkill, a rock that had "FRAGGLE ROCK" in capital letters graffitied on it, a giant bird made out of trash on top of a hill... and that's it. For eight hours.


Californians, be jealous of these gas prices:

This was at a gas station in El Paso. Becca and I got restless and bored, so we stopped in smoggy El Paso to get a book* to read and to fill up. TWO DOLLARS AND NINETY-SEVEN CENTS FOR GAS! I don't ever remember gas being that cheap in my lifetime.

*The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Highly recommend it so far.

About 40 minutes before we got to our lovely hotel, we finally drove close to some interesting landscape.

There was some snow on the ground when we were driving and a lot in the mountains.

Drove through some pretty rocks.

When we got to our hotel, Becca made a tiny, little snowman. Adorable.

Becca and I walked around at around 6:00 to find a restaurant to eat at. The tiny little town looked like a ghost town. Everything was closed and there were feral cats running around. We found one restaurant still open and had some hot dogs.

On the walk back to our hotel, Becca and I found this little guy and let me tell you, getting up there was not as easy as it looks.

Carlsbad Cavern adventure tomorrow and then the last haul to Austin.

I hope Texas is a little more interesting than New Mexico!

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