Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting our climb on

We spent the majority of our weekend outdoors. Our lobster-red faces are proof. For months, Micah and Brittany have been asking us to go rock climbing and for months we had one reason or another why we couldn't go (I swear we weren't avoiding you guys). We FINALLY went this weekend and had a blast.

It was our first time rock climbing outdoors and it was tough. Since Micah and Brittany are seasoned pros, they helped us figure out how to make it all the way to the top.

This little guy kept us company. He belonged to the group next to us and was running around, visiting all the climbers.

He made a bed right where we were climbing. I guess that meant he liked us. Brittany's climb was super impressive. She was up and down in no time.

And she looked good doing it. Look at that hair blowing in the wind.

Puppy had to move when it was my turn to go because I was scared of falling and squishing him. I'm glad we moved him because I definitely fell and would've crushed the little guy.

I made it to the top with Micah helping me by calling out where to put my hands and feet.

The best part is coming down. It's kind of like a ride.

Robbie and Micah tried a harder, taller wall while Brittany and I went on a photo adventure.

They were in heaven.

I think we need a little more practice before we try any free climbing. Yeah, like that'll ever happen.


  1. Your pup is tooo too cute! Looks like you had quite a thrilling time!

    I wouldn't do it though, I am way to scared of heights.

  2. These pics are great! Your dog is too cute!! I love how he's sleeping at the bottom while you're working hard. LOL!

    I love finding fellow Austin bloggers. You have a new follower. :)

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  3. looks like a fun time! glad you liked it and hope you weren't too sore afterwards :) i remember my first rock climbing trip resulted in the sorest little fingers :) and i'm jealous it was warm enough to climb outside - we've been climbing at the gym all winter and are ready to get back on real rock :)