Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Movers & Shakers

It's true- the Californians are taking over Austin. More specifically, the Riversidians.

My two good friends, Collin and Ryan, from elementary school-college decided to move to Austin about a month ago. I've known these two knuckleheads forever; Collin since third grade and Ryan since sixth. This past weekend, Robbie and I picked them & their four bags up at the airport, housed them for two days, then dropped them off Monday morning at their new apartment complex. We feel like empty nesting parents, calling them to make sure they're finding their way around the city ok, making sure they have a couple rolls of TP at their apartment. Robbie called me yesterday at work and asked, "How are our children? Did they get to the apartment ok?" We're excited to have them live in Austin with us.

In other exciting news, my sister and brother-in-law are moving as well! They're currently living in San Francisco and are moving to Phoenix, Arizona in a couple of weeks! I couldn't be more happy for them. As wonderful as San Francisco is and as tough as it will be for them to leave their first home together, it's a great time for the both of them to start a new adventure together. Plus, instead of being eight hours away from our hometown, Riverside, in Southern California, they'll be about four hours away.

As for Robbie and I? We're staying put in ATX for the time being. It's a pretty wonderful city and we're just beginning to look past the major attractions the city offers and really explore the nooks & crannies.

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