Monday, July 9, 2012

Floating on the River

I think I've learned the secret to staying cool in the hot Texas summer heat: constantly be in water.

Since summer hit, there hasn't been a weekend in Austin that doesn't involved water.

A couple weekends ago, Robbie, Phil, Lauren and I headed to the Guadalupe River to go floating. We got there at about 10:30 and the water was freezing when we got in.

*Warning, I'm about to be super lovey about Robbie: One of the many things about Robbie that's really wonderful is how helpful he is. He's always pitching in, helping others, making sure that everyone is good to go before he is. Here he is, doing just that. Check out that massive line behind him to get into the water. Yep, we stood in that.

No floating trip is complete without some beer. Or in my case- margaritas in a capri-sun-like pouch (you'll see what I'm talking about a little later).

And the float begins.

We did the short loop, which is supposed to take about three hours. It took us over four.

There were people everywhere.

The water was super cold all day, but the sun was killer. We were using an empty fruit container to pour water on ourselves instead of getting in the water.

This guy was using a homemade water gun to squirt floaters that passed by. Check out the tiny cute dog in the bottom right corner. She's wearing a pink life jacket!

The pirates!

They had the best music. I think they even had some Destiny's Child playing.

Robbie and me after getting separated from Phil and Lauren in the rapids.

Lunch break! Lauren had the brilliant idea of bringing lunchables. They're 100% waterproof. Smart lady.

Robbie taunting the ducks.

That's my capri-sun margarita! You can buy them at WalMart for $1.50 each and they're perfect for floating. They're extremely thirst-quenching too on hot days.

Some girls doing the Cupid Shuffle on the shore.

This was the prettiest part of the entire float. I loved this tree island in the middle of the river. To our left was a pretty stone cliff (you can see it by the Cupid Shuffle girls).

Love this picture of Lauren laughing! Too cute!


More rapids. At one point, we were all holding hands and I was hanging onto the cooler tube. The cooler kept us from getting stuck in the shallow rapids. It was heavy and had enough motion to keep us going!

...until I let go of the cooler. Here's Robbie trying to grab the cooler before it gets away!

We made it!

More water activities coming your way tomorrow!


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    1. It was such a blast! We'll float when you come to visit! :)