Thursday, February 23, 2012

You saltlicker.

On Sunday, Morgan, Robbie and I met up with some of Morgan's parents' friends for dinner at The Saltlick. I thought The Saltlick would be a nice little BBQ place. I was wrong. It's a tiny BBQ TOWN!

The restaurant is so huge it really seemed like a little village. We had to wait for an hour to be seated, but man oh man it was so worth it.

Morgan and Robbie posing so nicely for the camera.

There was even live music while we waited!

The men got the all you can eat plates. For your own reference, the plates in front of Robbie are the non-all you can eat dinners. Imagine how MUCH those men had to eat to get their all you can eat money's worth!

Robbie going to town on the ribs.

Up tomorrow: the last of Morgan's trip!


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  2. I want to visit this BBQ town when I come to Austin! Yes please!

  3. Eat enough ribs to get my moneys worth. Challenge accepted! :D

  4. We live super close to Saltlick, but I've never been! Must remedy that. Matthew's been there and he loves it! :)

    Have a great week girl!

    1. Definitely a manly place to eat! Have a great week yourself, Jenni!